CMS Benefits

  • Universal Maintenance
    Editing anywhere, anytime.
  • Designed for Anyone
    People with average knowledge of word processing can create content directly.
  • Access Restrictions
    Users are assigned roles and permissions that prevent them from editing content which they are not authorised to change.
  • Database Driven
    Create and store unlimited pages in a database without the need to update each one of them.

Content Management

Bongo Web's Content Management Systems, or CMS, are designed to enable non-technical users to manage website content with minimal training and no specialist knowledge.

Our CMS systems puts the power of website management into the hands of information owners, removing the content creation bottleneck and ensuring your site is up-to-date, relevant and engaging your customers.

CMS makes it easier for people to create, edit and publish content on a website.

Historically, website publishing has required significant technical skills (HTML, programming).

A good CMS allows non-technical authors and editors to easily and quickly publish their content.

A CMS makes it easier for you to manage who creates, edits and publishes content. Because it establishes defined publishing processes, you can allocate specific publishing rights to various individuals.